The GMAT [ELITE PROGRAM] is a leading Test Preparation Training Program that has within the past 13 years contributed to the development and transformation of more than 2,550 curious minds. Throughout these years we devoted ourselves to support our students to attain high scores on their GMAT, and advised them on the best graduate programs that fit their profiles and career aspirations.
The GMAT [ELITE PROGRAM] is made up of two modules to provide you with a complete GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) preparation, and develop your needed knowhow and confidence to attain a high score on your test.

[MODULE-I] is designed to help you get into the test-makers’ mind and equip you with the best methodological approaches needed to tackle each section of the GMAT (Quantitative, Verbal, Analytical Writing and Integrated Reasoning). You are consequently trained to use this learning to solve various applications for each section, including its different question types.

The 'One to One' follow up method that is applied throughout [MODULE-I] will help you highlight your strengths, and overcome any difficulties you may encounter while studying. This will provide you with the needed confidence to progress at a faster pace.

[MODULE-II] will reinforce and expand your knowledge of the GMAT sections, through providing you with advanced applications that will enhance your learning curve. As a result, you will be able to quickly identify the level of difficulty of each question you are tackling, and strategize the best methodological approach needed to answer it correctly.

The ‘Think Tank’ method applied during [MODULE-II] will allow you to develop your own advanced solution methods, and benchmark your competencies against your peers. This will help you to develop an in-depth knowhow, and consistently answer questions of a high level of difficulty more effectively and efficiently.

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Program Venue: the smallville hotel
[ Damascus Road, Museum District, Beirut, Lebanon | T: +961 1 619 999 | ]