International IMP³rove Award 2014
Recognition of superior innovation management performance by the IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy (

Companies striving for growth and competitiveness based on innovation management are invited to take part in the International IMP³rove Award initiated by the IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy (³rove-award). STRAT Associates will support companies in preparing and applying for the international IMP³rove Award 2014 to get international recognition for their growth based on superior innovation management during the IMP³rove Award ceremony September 30, 2014 in Bologna, Italy.
The IMP³rove Benchmarking Report and Contest

After completing the IMP³rove Assessment, the IMAP participants will receive within 30 minutes the IMP³rove Assessment report based on the benchmarking in their own industry group and company size class. This report will be validated by Ms. Zeina El-Khoury from STRAT Associates within 48 hours on the IMP³rove platform ( The validated IMP³rove Assessment report will provide the IMAP participants with the opportunity to participate in the IMP³rove Contest and, if selected, win the IMP³rove Award.
Submission: Deadline is August 15, 2014

Award Ceremony: September 30, 2014 in Bologna Italy

Please see the detailed information at:³rove-award/