Program Facilitators’ Biographies
> Dr. Mark D. JUSZCZAK
IMAP Facilitator - Innovation Management Metrics
Dr. Mark D. Juszczak is a strategic consultant with over 12 years experience in international organizational development in the public and private sectors. He holds a Doctorate from Columbia University in Education, with a specialization in organizational innovation and data strategies. He has led consulting projects in the US, the EU and Asia. In addition, he has worked in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar - as a consultant, public speaker and advisor to government. He has extensive multi-platform experience in KM (Knowledge Management) training and development, Knowledge Creation Management research, Innovation Management, TRIZ, LMS & CMS platforms, Medical Data Analytics, Plone, C5, CMM, CMMI derivatives, Qualitative performance metrics and HR Assessment Platforms.

His primary area of interest has been the interdisciplinary study of strategic innovation - from a social, cognitive, psychological, pedagogical and applied perspective. Research areas include: R&D management optimization, inventions and problem solving, information sourcing, problem analysis, knowledge creation processes and innovation management metrics. He is a GLG and Mentors Guild Member. He is a published author, has been quoted in the NY Times, Forbes and has worked with Fortune 100 directors and principals in strategic advisement. Prominent clients include the Kuwaiti Government, American Fortune 100's, the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, the Ministry of Finance in Poland, regional education ministries in Northern China, Samsung Food Machinery Company in Korea, Michelin, etc... He is also a frequent guest lecturer at universities: MIT Portugal Annual Entrepreneurship Conference, National Defense Academy – Poland, Gulf University of Science & Technology, Academy of Special Pedagogy.


- Quoted in NY Times as expert on higher education strategy in the GCC
- Patent Pending on Expertise Scoring Algorithm in the United States
- Author of two books on innovation and globalization
- Organized Major Academic conference in Kuwait on Dignity & Social Development
- Worked directly with Kuwaiti and Norwegian Royal Families on Human Rights metrics
- Worked directly with C-level directors of US Fortune 100's
> Ms. Zeina A. EL-KHOURY
IMAP Facilitator - The IMP³rove Assessment
Ms. Zeina A. El-Khoury is the Chairman - General Manager of STRAT Associates s.a.l and an accredited IMP³rove consultant with over 14 years of experience in the business and academic sectors. She holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from the Suliman S. Olayan School of Business at the American University of Beirut (AUB), with an emphasis on strategic management and marketing. Her diversified consulting, research, and teaching experience has allowed her to set a unique vision for STRAT that aims at becoming a global reference in knowledge-based innovation consulting. She has directed STRAT to build international collaborations to launch the STRAT – Innovation Programs that are based on the IMP³rove Approach ( to effectively support companies in the MENA region to build their organizational innovation capabilities and compete on a global level.

Her recent research study “Towards an Improved Understanding of Innovativeness Index in the Middle East: Exploration of Innovation Construct in the Context of Lebanese Firms” that was supported by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon CCIA-BML, BERYTECH, Beirut Creative Cluster BCC, and KAFALAT is the first to have attempted exploring the application of the Community Innovation Survey (CIS) in Lebanon, and collecting data that span a five-year period from 70 Lebanese firms. Through this pioneering project, she was able to build the grounds that can lead to the development of the first “Lebanese Innovation Index”, which in its turn can create a model to develop the innovation indexes of several countries in the Middle East.

>> Download the Full Report of the Lebanese Innovation Research Study